A year ago I came to an amazing island in the Caribbean called Martinique. Everyone was excited for me, because hey, it’s the Caribbean -but there was always one small detail….no one really knew what Martinique was!  All of that changed once Norwegian Airlines started selling flights from the USA for as low as $99 roundtrip. The questions suddenly went from “Where is Martinique exactly?” to “Can you please help? I’m heading to Martinique but have no idea what to do or where to stay!”

Thus the guidebook was born. I used my year abroad as an opportunity to research and bring forth all the knowledge I could in the form of an 80 page e-book to the island. I spoke with locals, tried different restaurants and did the incredibly exhausting job of finding the best beaches on the island.

This is Martinique, if you were curious!

This is Martinique, if you were curious!

So what’s inside? Over 80 pages including….

  • A comprehensive list of things to do in major areas
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Suggested Airbnb’s
  • Solo travel safety tips
  • The history of slavery in Martinique
  • Basic French and Creole Phrases
  • And so much more….
Martinique is far more than just beaches - there is so much history to discover!

Martinique is far more than just beaches – there is so much history to discover!

I am proud to present the world’s first e-book dedicated entirely to the island of Martinique, written from a local perspective. It has been a pleasure bridging the gap between the two worlds and I’m so happy that it’s finally available! To purchase guide click here for more information or place your order below:

One Girl One World Guide to Martinique
Merci Beaucoup – Thank You!

Have you ever been to Martinique? What do you usually look for in a guide? Comment below! ?

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